Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coolest Coffee Cups You never knew existed!

A Happier Cup leads to a happier day!

There is nothing like getting up in the morning and waiting for that early cup of Coffee just to pick you up and set the pace for the start of the perfect day. For all the caffeine junkies out there I recently wanted to see what's the most unique coffee cups or mugs I could find and I came across quite the unique assortment of cups that sure to delight both you and your guest for the most part and place that extra smile in someone's day.

Also for the most part they could make for a great office desk center piece just to arouse curiosity and stimulate conversation and for others they are just plainly for laughs and would tickle the funny bone of any visitor to your home.

Favorite Cups Exposed

#1: Grenade Mug

The perfect desk accessory for the war room
When I came across the Grenade Mug my first thoughts were pretty cool this would make the perfect desk accessory for someone who works at a very busy office and unless you lack a funny bone you would not see the humor of this Mug (Hint: Pull the tag lol).

#2: Brass Knuckles Tea Cup.

Tough Guys Choice Award winner

This Brass Knuckle tea cup is not only practical it's also functional, No I do not mean these are real Brass Knuckles, come on, but who would bother a person with these bad boys? Furthermore it's the perfect symbolic gesture for a morning pick me up, knock the S@#t out of a potentially bad day. 

#3: Prescription Coffee Cup

Caffeine is my drug of choice

Admit it the world is on a very strict and potent regiment of every ones favorite drug and that drug is caffeine. This Prescription coffee cup is one of the coolest drug dispensers you will ever find to get your morning fix.

#4 Toilet Mug
Yep they made it!

OK we might have gown over board with this one but it does look cool. The Jokes aside you want to get some attention this holiday season with the guest over for family time have this Toilet Mug handy for some good laughs.

#5 Gun Cup
It's all good

Never put a gun to your own head unless it's this one, see there is always an exception to a rule and you have found the one that not only cool looking but also down right funny.The Gun cup is a man's Gift and a fine one that will set it apart from all others you are likely to come across.

#6 Anger Management Cup

The Hulks choice

If the Hulk had a cup it would be the I flunked Anger management cup, for the guy who wants those around him to think twice before messing with him or his things. 

#7 Recycling Bin Mug

We recycle

For those who are environmentally conscious and want to spread the gospel of recycling, which we all should be mindful of. The Recycle bin Mug could also make a nice gift for that person with the matching mind set. 

#8 DSLR Cam Lens Tea Cup

Picture Perfect

This is by far the coolest and My best pick for coolest cup as not only is this thing unique looking but the DSLR Cam Lens Tea Cup is the perfect looking Tea cup that can double as a thermos for those on the go, also its so cool that those photographers among us who are used to using a DSLR Cameras may not be able to resist this one.


  1. Oh, just pull the tag. I'm so stupid I didn't understand the joke until you said it. Seems like my sense of humour is on holiday this morning. It is funny though once you get it.
    Now, the toilet mug is great but I'm not sure if I could drink out of it without thinking peeeeeee.
    In fact, all of those cups are really good ideas and I have no doubt that if you want to start a conversation, get the cups out. Definitely a brilliant and unique gift idea.

    1. lol they are quite out there, but used in the right situation can be quite fun and break the tension. We all need to just step back and have a good laugh ever now and again, after all we can't take life too seriously or we will never get out alive.


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