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Top 10 Richest Tech billionaires in the World who made their fortune through Technology.

Tech Billionares
Wealthiest Tech Billionaires in the World

Long before being a "Nerd" so to speak was cool these guys dared to be different, and as a result today they are pioneers in there respective fields of Technology and dominating the Tech scene. If you are a fan of tech and a lover of gadgets and all things related then meet the wealthiest men in the world that made a killing in the tech Industry and are today not Millionaires, but Multi-billionaires, try saying that fast ten times and now check your bank account.

See the Top 10 Tech Billionaires Ranked based on  there wealth:

Tech Billionares
Holla!!! If You made a Million before breakfast.

#1. Bill Gates 

Worth: $72.7 Billion

Co-founder of Microsoft
Nationality: American
Date of Birth:October 28,1955

With the advent of the Personal Computer (PC) chances are you own or know someone who owns a PC, some form of windows device or simply a popular Microsoft software. This is the case as the majority of personal computers today are ruining on a Windows based platform. So if you don't already know meet the man that was a key figure in revolutionizing the personal computer and making it available to Millions of homes and businesses world wide. Thank you Bill!!!

Tech Billionares
Carlos Slim

#2. Carlos Slim 

Worth: $66.8 Billion

Source of is Fortune: Telecommunications/Business
Nationality: Mexican
Date of Birth: January 28,1940

Now Just recently Carlos Slim was in First place for being the wealthiest Man in the world but bill came back and claimed his position as wealthiest man and tech icon. Carlos made this list as while he is a businessman Telecommunications is a big aspect of Internet and smart phones that we all so love to use.

Tech Billionares
Larry Ellison

#3 Larry Ellison

Worth: $41 Billion

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: August 17,1944
CEO and Co-founder of Oracle (Enterprise based Software company )

Don't know who Larry Ellison is? Well then you should do your home work as this Tech  Giant and his co-operation have done work for the likes of the CIA which includes a database which he lovingly called "Oracle", I wonder what that name implies? ,well Larry is our third richest Guy in tech and is worth a whopping $41 billion try taking that to the bank.

Tech Billionares
Jeff Bezos

#4. Jeff BeZos 

Worth: $28 Billion
Date of Birth: January 12,1964
Nationality: American

Simply Amazing

 Founder and CEO of retail giant
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: January 12,1964

I just got several packages from Amazon and I swear its my birthday every single time I get a new package, well meet the man Jeff Bezos whose made it all possible as Amazon was is brain child. From a pin to an anchor chances are you can find it on Amazon. Amazon has single handedly been the driving force behind the world moving into E-commerce and no other company does online shopping more effectively than the Amazon. If you have yet to shop at Amazon then drop on over you will be blown away by there selection and second to none customer service.

Tech Billionares
Larry Page: whats that on is face Google Glasses of Course.

#5. Larry Page 

Worth: $25.9 Billion
Co-founder of Google

Nationality: American
Date of Birth: March 26, 1973

Tech Billionares
Sergey Brin

#6. Sergey Brin

Worth: $25.5 Billion
Nationality: American/Russian
Date of Birth: August 21,1973
Google's goal is to index all the world data and make it accessible to everyone, a far fetched Idea when it was first suggested, but now who's laughing? as Google in terms of Future prospects in Technology is the company to watch for the future, Larry Page and Sergey Brins baby Google has the potential to be the a company the likes of which this world as yet to see and the surprising thing is that Google seems to Just be in its baby phases so the net worth of both founders has no where to go but up from here. Google is already pioneering in almost every major technological field which includes: Search, Mobile OS (Android) , Global mapping, cloud technology,Augmented reality (Google Glass) , Self driving vehicles and much more that would take me forever to compile. If you are to choose a company to watch for the future all my money is on Google.

Tech Billionares
You would be laughing too if you were worth $19.8 Billion

#7. Mark Zuckerberg 

Worth: $19.8 Billion

Facebook CEO and Founder of Facebook
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: May 14,1984

You don't know who Mark is? That's highly unlikely as he is the CEO and founder of  what is most likely your favorite website Facebook, the world's most popular Social Networking website.

Tech Billionares
Beloved Steve

#8: Steve Ballmer

Worth: $16 Billion
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: March 24,1956
CEO of Microsoft

It should be a crime not to know Steve Ballmer, I like to call him lovingly as the most enthusiastic guy in tech, trust me, just spring over to YouTube and search Steve Ballmer and you will see what I mean, all that aside being the CEO of a Multi-Billion dollar cooperation is no Joke and Steve has been at this longer than most.

Tech Billionares
Michael Dell

#9 Michael Dell 

Worth: $15 Billion
Founder of Dell Computers
Date of Birth:February 23,1965
Nationality: American

Love it or hate it Dell is one of the biggest and most well know brands in the computer Industry, founded by Michael Dell. Just recently dell which went Public is now private again and the struggling company is once again aiming to go back to its roots and reconnect with its customers amidst issues the company as been having as a publicly traded company. So keep an eye out for Dell as they once again try to innovate in the Evolving PC field.

Tech Billionares
Pierre Omidyar

#10 Pierre Omidyar 

Worth: $8.7 billion

Date of Birth: June 21, 1967
Nationality: American/Iranian
Founder of Ebay

Pierre is the founder of every one's favorite auctioning website Ebay,so you have a old iPhone and need the New iPhone 5S why not sell your old phone on Ebay?, Well that's what almost every smart tech enthusiast does.Well the tech genius Pierre Omidyar is the brilliant guy that came up with renowned auctioning website Ebay and   well lets say 8.9 billion dollars later the rest is auctioned history.

So did you enjoy our Billionaires Tech list? Well if I missed any Billionaire tech Icon who you may idolize please by all mean let us know below in the comment as what we love more than playing with Tech is learning about innovators in the world of tech.


  1. Great article,I think Page and Bring are powerful for internet world, they made Google to finding everything,

    If someone can change you life that someone as Google.

    1. I totally agree there Goal seemed impossible at first: to Index the planets info and make it accessible: How much of us would have laughed our asses off at them, and now every where you go Google is innovating and driving our march into the future. There services makes everything easier: finding stuff, Blogging, navigation, you name it.

  2. Sometimes we laugh at those who are behind their desks studying hard all day on technology. In fact, they are the ones we mocked and called such names as geeks, egg-heads, tefal-head, freaks and such like. But, these are the ones that provide us with all the technology that we use today.
    I wouldn't be able to contact you right now if it wasn't for them. Take a look at Skype,emails - faster than you can write a letter and all the brilliant things we use.

    1. Well said Rum-Punch Drunk, I could not have expressed it better even if I tried. Think of the struggles those guys must have gown through those who told them it was impossible and they still persevered, it makes one think have you ever stifled your dreams and passions because others thought it was not cool or it was impossible?


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