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Tab Nero X2 $74 dollar Value Dual core Tablet.

Tab Nero X2 Dual core tablet
Today we have for your viewing pleasure the Tab Nero X2 which is a Entry level tablet that boasts a dual core (2) processor, yes you heard me this beauty has a dual core processor and easily beats the recently reviewed  Alldaymall $60 single core value in price by $14 dollars which was a hard deal to beat and retailing at Just $74 bucks you can pick up this great value and get not one core but two cores at a $14 bucks difference.

Features Of the Tab Nero X2 for $74

1. Features a powerful and robust x15 Dual core processor that clocked @ 1.2 Ghz.
2. Dual camera design for photos and video calling.
3.  Built in WiFi capability
4. 7 inch screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution
5. Comes with a Mail 400 Graphics processor for crisp video playback and 3D Gaming
6. 512 DDR3 memory
7. Supports Micro SD cards up to 32 Gigs and full ability to run apps and games from the SD card.
8. Ships with Android Jellybean 4.1 - with Full play store support and much more.

What Values are Included Inside the Box:

The Main Accessories out of the Box
Inside the box you will receive the following Values:
1.The Tablet

The Tablet in its protective Sleave

2. Charger
3.Mini USB to Full USB adapter.
4. Stylus Pen
5. Earphones
6. Screen Protector
7. USB Data Cable
The star of the Show the Matricom Tab Nero X2

Out of the Box Performance

For a value tablet the Nero Tab x2 runs like a dream and is is quite smooth and efficient, even much more than the Alldaymall tablet we had the pleasure of reviewing recently. There was no noticeable lag and the device was able to effortlessly breeze through the tasks that we threw at it. These tasks include multitasking and out of the box gaming performance. The device runs games such as Angry birds and fruit ninja without a hiccup and we where quite impressed.
One of the main features which we had to commend the Tab Nero on was using a inherent weakness of these entry level tablets as a strength, as these entry level tablets tend to have a limited capacity for storage memory as the Tab Nero has only 4 gigs internal storage memory, now if you were to pick up a Micro SD card: up to 32 gigs right now you can save the internal memory and run your apps straight from the SD card which is quite good as you could fit allot of games and media on a 32 gig SD card which is quite cheap right now and is the max size supported by the Tab Nero.
Like the Alldaymall this device is not for everyone, but if you are seeking a nice entry level tablet to break you into the world of tablets, or a kids inexpensive gift this is the tablet for you. Do not get me wrong this can work quite well for adults and power users Just know you are getting a value device and for what you pay $74 you get a quite handy and feature rich device which could be priced way higher.

7 inch Stand Case With USB Keyboard

We also picked up a keyboard and case unit for review for $9:

The Stand Case
USB Keyboard inside stand

Now let me be clear that at first glance the USB Keyboard case seemed like a solid purchase but after further review and inspection we would not recommend you getting this case for the keyboard option as the cases built quality was quite low. You would be basically taking a gamble on the case:- do not buy this cases its not recommended value. Had the Manufacturer take the time to build a functional case we would have easily recommended it, but the build quality was off and we noticed simple quality control flaws such as the keyboard not sitting flush, although the device worked. Also note that this keyboard does not come included and is only a side order. The options for value  keyboards is limited for the 7 inch market but I would not consider this case as a good purchase as the keyboard gives the impression it could die at any time unless I am really lucky and it survives my daily use.


So if you are in the market for a Value Purchase with lots of accessories and a solid performance that would make a great gift go for the Metricom Tab Nero x2 you will not be sorry, however we would not recommend the case with keyboard as it has some flaws that could pose a problem for users in the future.

For more info or purchasing the Tab Nero See here.

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