Sunday, August 4, 2013

The $60 Alldaymall 7 inch tablet that will surprise you.

Alldaymall 7 inch capacitive touch Screen Android 4.0 tablet 

My views on tech has always been that if its too good a price there has to be some disabelating flaw with the device. I must say today that I was totally caught off guard by the performance of the Alldaymall 7 inch capactive touch screen tablet a David in this world of Goliath tablets such as the: iPad, Samsung, Asus and nexus brands. Before we venture any further I must state that this device is a entry level device that features some decent performance for the minimal price and must not be compared to other mid range or high end tablets. So for what you pay, a minimal $60 bucks you are getting a tablet that would make a great kids starter tablet or even a tablet to use for your personal daily carry along that does not break the bank and is easily one of the best, if not the best tablet in the entry level market and is money well spent.So if you are seeking a powerhouse device turn back now!, just kidding you can still read and make up your mind after seeing the evidence.

 In the Box:
Creative Android art work

The Alldaymall Tablet

User Manual

Charging Adapter

USB Cable for connecting device to the PC

USB Dongle converter for attaching USB devices to the tablet.

Unboxing and First impressions Video

 Whats under the hood?

-This device features light weight construction in a 7 inch form factor weighing a mear 9.6 ounces.
-Arrives loaded with Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich.
- Built in 512 MB of DDR3
-Features a Mali-400 Graphics processor, with a 1 GHZ Allwinner A13 processor running @1 GHZ effectively.
-Packs a 800 x 480 screen resolution on a 7 inch capacitive touch screen.
- Has 4 gigs internal storage.
-a front facing camera.
-and was Released: January 7,2013.

All the above specs if you are able to understand it makes for a modest little device that runs relatively and surprisingly smooth for the price. The device is quite light and at times it felt as if I was holding nothing withing my hands. The devices plastic construction makes for a smooth to the touch feel that is both pleasing to the hands and allows for a comfortable grip. This is specially of note as I have sweaty palms (Too much info) and fear my gadgets will slip out of my hands when moving about.

The Allwinner A13 processor handles the android 4.0  Icream sandwich quite well as the device was very responsive from the touch screen lock screen , all the way into the menus. It is yet to be seen if this will gradually change as the device is exposed to more apps, but a rule of thumb is never to consume all the on-board memory for storage but to use a micro SD card to extend the memory of the device and load only critical apps. This advice also goes for higher end device that will slow down when overloaded with too many apps. So always leave some head room on the internal storage which is not allot at 4 gigs for the operating system.


This was another area in which I was totally caught off guard as the device runs Angry birds and fruit Ninja quite well, which by the way are loaded as stock apps. The games were quite responsive and there was no noticeable lag.When compared to my Galaxy S3 which is a beast at these games it was taking these games like a champ, so use these two popular trendy games as a benchmark for edging the devices humble performance.


The front facing camera is the main sore point that actually made for a rotten apple in a way, firstly the camera is nothing to write home about, but when u consider that it was not meant for taking still shots and more for video calling you can forgive it, but don't expect to receive overly gorgeous shots.Also like most tablets front facing camera its adequate and with little creativity it can be used to take a few Candid shots.  So if you can live without a back facing camera for photographing everything then you can continue reading on.


The devices rear speaker provides OK audio at best, that is  enough for your music listening pleasure so if you are not a Audio buff the audio quality from this device will do fine.

Android Market
Android market with full featured Apps

The device features the full android market unlike some entry level tablets that seem android but is not, fear not this is the fully blown android along with the market and its many apps, just remember this is a entry level device so don't expect that it will blow through heavily intensive 3D games,use angry birds and fruit ninja as a template it can play low to moderate games in the graphic intensive department quite well.


The devices 512 MB of DDR 3 makes for a smooth transition between apps and seeing its Icream sandwich the closing of apps is even smoother with simple swipe of the hand.


If you are seeking a very low budget entry tablet that will be the best in the field, with great features that provides the full android experience at a fraction of the price of other tablets. That will give you descent performance for what it is and provide some very good specs when related to the price of $60 bucks then trust me this is the tablet for you.

You may read about the device or purchase here.

So what do you think readers, have you been burned by a entry level tablet before? or do you think the price is too good and there got to be some catch to the device? so far I am sold that good value can be found at this price point for tablets as I have seen my fair share of the imitators, so let me know what you think in the comments, your views are highly valued here.


  1. hola tengo dos semanas con esta table la apague y dejo de funcionar se queda cargando me puede dar una solucion por favor

    1. Shure si con stop loading quieres decir que el arranque pero no pasa ninguna mirada más a fondo en intermitente el dispositivo y volver a cargar el firmware más o menos hassengly usted podría tratar de restablecer el dispositivo.
      Avisadme exacty lo que quieres decir ¿no enciende o no se enciende y no carga?


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