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How to make a letterbox Movie into a full screen without things looking stretched out.

Letter box fix
Letterbox  Format of Movies with black  horizontal edges

So you just got that new DVD and placed it into the DVD drive of your computer and started to play the video only to find that you are stuck with a awful letterbox format that's unbearable. Wouldn't it be so much fun if it could be played at full screen without the characters looking all stretched out?. Well today I will show you readers how to adjust your videos so they look as natural as if they were shot in: glorious full screen without the limitations of the letterbox that Hollywood insist on still using on retail DVD or digital video due to differences between theater screens and your TV set. They wont go the extra mile some times, but thanks to technology we will:

What this Fix will will do?

We will take a movie looking like this:-
Letter box fix
Letterbox look

and make it into this with full screen:-
Letter box fix
Full Screen look

What you will need:

What is K-Lite Mega Codec pack you may ask?

Well k-Lite mega codec pack is a collection of tools and codecs for decoding some of the rarest videos you can find on the internet, it uses media player classic as the player for the decoded video. So other than being the ideal tool for your movie playback and other videos you may find across the internet it also gives the user an incredible level of control over the video playback experience. So grab the codec pack and player here.

Getting your letterbox Formatted Movie to glorious full screen.

After downloading the K-Lite Mega codec pack go ahead and install the package file or installer. Simply choose the default options while you install and you will be fine. After instillation you will be presented with a player looking like this:

Media Player classic that comes with the K-lite Mega Codec Package 

You may go ahead and right click and choose play with for a DVD or right click and open with media player classic if the player has not been associated with the video files on your computer. OK now for the actual settings:

1. Pause the video that's showing in letterbox format.
2. From the Media Player Classic Menu click on view:

Select View

3. Select video frame in the Menu.
4. Then:Override Aspect Ratios.
5. change the Default to : 185:100

That's it your movie will now be in Full screen and the characters will not seem overly tall and will be close to perfect as you will get the movie to being full screen, it literally gets no better than this. Also remember to set the setting back to default when watching your regular Movies that are already full screen formatted.

If this article has helped be sure to leave a comment and any issues leave a message and I will be glad to assist.

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