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Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 the perfect pint sized Samsung Tablet

Samsung tab 2 review
Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (7 inch Wifi Edition)

Lets Give it to Samsung when it comes to designing some of the most reliable and stylish tech gadgets to be seen this generation, and it's the only the tip of the Ice berg and we can't wait to see what they come up with next. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is not only small and compact but quite a stylish option to add to your collection of Gadgets to up the assume factor another notch.

Samsung tab 2 review
Highly portable and compact.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Seven (7) inch Sports Android 4.1 right out of the box depending on your time of purchase and features a snappy 1 Ghz Dual core ARM Cortex A-9 processor that govern the Android Jellybean Mobile OS quite well.To boot the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 comes in at a Sub. $200 price point which is a must see for value seeking customers of all budget types. the screen is a nice 7 inches and features a 1024 x 600 resolution which just falls shorts of 720p HD standards, but considering the size and video handling capability you will quickly forget that the screen is not HD. You will quickly forget that you are lugging a tablet along with you as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is quite light and only weighs a poultry 12 ounces, which seems even lighter if you are coming from a 10 inch tablet. The device features 2 cameras, a 3 MP back facing camera that takes descent pictures and a front facing shooter that more suited for basic video ceiling. The device battery life is quite good out of the box especially if you are the type that enjoys music and do little to moderate gaming. When gaming the battery drainage will steeply increase as is to be expected from the device drawing extra power from the devices built in Lithium ion battery which on a good day can get you about 12 plus hours of performance with moderate gaming and hours of music playback.
Samsung tab 2 review
Android 4.1 Jellybean right out of the Box

Are great tablets made or born? well Samsung seems to have found the answer as they keep turning out some of the tablet industry most successful tablets and smart phone ever to be seen on the market. The Galaxy Tab 2-7 inch is no exception to the Samsung renowned design, intuitive user interface and touch of class. The device easily fits into a pocket or into a bag pocket and solves one of the biggest issues most users who do not enjoy the larger 10 inch form factor face, with a size that is suitable for a child to an adult. One of my greatest concerns when using this device was that the 7 inch screen was not enough reinstate for viewing my webpages, but I was quite surprise to see that my webpages scaled quite well on the 7 inch screen and to boot where I had any difficultly filling up forms or signing up for a service online I had just to simply transition from portrait to landscape mode and swoosh!! I was back in business. The Pinch and zoom was also buttery smooth and the device sowed no noticeable drop in performance with upwards of ten apps being opened at any one given time. This Multitasking performance was a big plus in my book as I am the type of user that likes having a dozen windows and other programs running at once, as multitasking is a must, when I am working on my devices.
My recommendation is that if you are not swayed by 10 inch tablets and seeking a suitable 10 inch tab that quite superior in its class and probably only topped by the Nexus 7 which is this devices only true rival, you would do well with a device of this caliber.

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