Monday, July 22, 2013

New Must Watch Science Fiction Series of 2013

How can you be a lover of tech. if you do not love watching Science Fiction or SciFi  series and movies?. Most of the concepts that are born from SciFi will one day become science facts. So until the transition is made from fiction to reality,then what we techies like to do is escape for a while and enjoy a little bit of an adventure in another world. So this years top ruining SciFi series that are a must see include:

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#1 CONTINUUM (Currently in its second season)


Follow the time traveling adventures of Kiera as she is thrust from her time in the year 2077 and becomes marooned in the year 2012, see Kiera as she tackles Advanced criminals who were also sent back along with her.His her trip back to the past a mistake or was it by design? only one way to find out.

-Time travel
-Cool Future Tech.

#2 Under The Dome (New)


In the small town of Chester's Mill some were in America, the citizens are going about there seemingly mondane daily lives,when suddenly the town is sealed in an invisible dome shaped force field that no one has any idea, where and how this phenomenon originated. Will the citizens be able to figure out this mysterious dome or will they die trying?

-Strange Invisible dome.
-Community working together to survive.
-Characters Shrouded in Mystery.

#3 Orphan Black (New)


Orphan black follows the compelling and fun story of Sarah a girl who was raised in foster care and shrouded in mystery, the story is driven from the bizarre twist of Sarah witnesses a girl committing suicide, the problem is the girls looks just like her, a only child. Follow Sarah as she assumes the identity of this girl and gets caught up in things she can only dream of.

-Thrilling Twists and turns

#4 Defiance (New)


Defiance features a Futuristic earth that is transformed, Earth is now the home of several Alien species that must co-exist and unite in order to survive.

A transformed planet earth

#5 Warehouse 13 (Currently in its Fourth season)


Warehouse 13 follows a special team of agents whose sole purpose is to collect, catalog and contain dangerous objects or artifacts that have mysterious powers that if left unchecked or in the wrong hands could cause chaos or destroy the world.

Mystical Artifacts.

There you go the top Scifi series that are either new or ongoing for this season. Get clicking and remember what is science fiction in most of these cases will soon be a reality, I cant wait!

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