Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maxtech 32 Screwdrivers in one

32 screwdrivers in 1
Maxtech 32 piece precision Multi-Screwdriver set 
Meet the Do it yourselfers perfect companion a single screwdriver that actually thirty-two (32) different screwdrivers in one simple screwdriver. The Maxtech 32 piece precision Multi-Screwdriver set is beautiful, lightweight and highly portable unit that is ideal for those who are into phone, gadget, laptop, desktop and just about every kind of gadget repairs.
This screwdriver set gets its flexibility from the following features that sets it apart from most screwdrivers currently on the market:

32 screwdrivers in 1
The only screwdriver set you will ever need.

1. Interchangeable Tips: This unit features a whopping thirty-two (32) easily interchangeable heads, that will fit from the most common to the rarely seen screw types you may encounter on new and old gadgets.
32 screwdrivers in 1
32 interchangeable tips
2. Adjustable body: Need a short or long screwdriver this unit has you covered with its adjustable body that can be set to almost any length you will need.
32 screwdrivers in 1
Adjust the unit to your desired length.
32 screwdrivers in 1
Perfect for hard to reach areas

3. Portability- This unit is light weight and easy to carry on the go, you could tuck this unit into a bag or a pocket and you would be on your way all without even remembering its there.


1. 32 screwdrivers in one single unit 
2. Opens common and rare screw types.
3. Features a adjustable body design which  is very handy
4. light weight and highly portable.
5. Very affordable.


1. The units handle is made of plastic, though it as never posed a issue would have loved something that looks way more hardy.


Don't feel like buying a new screwdriver every time you encounter a new screw design in the latest gadgets then grab this unit its very affordable and quite handy to have around the house trust me.

If you would like to learn more about this unit or purchase it click here.

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