Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Wagner "HT 1000" 400 & 540 Degrees Celsius Heat Gun

Superior Heat @ at superior Price

Wagner Dual Temperature Heat Gun HT 1000

Today's product review is of the Wagner dual temperature heat gun model number HT 1000. This baby carries a much appreciated corrosion resistant tip that will resist corrosion, a God send in this type of device; as most heat producing devices, including soldering Irons' tend to corroded after per-longed use,not this baby so far. Wagner has also opted to install a handy "hanging hook" that makes it convenient to suspend this heat gun from a wall or shelf of the :Do-it-yourselfers workshop. The HT 1000 also features a low noise design with two variable fan speeds and in my use of the device found it to produce acceptable degrees of sound, and not too hear splitting. The body is cast in rugged light weight high-impact plastic a god send for the computer or gadget repair man that needs to be in tight spaces for a sustained period of time. Thee are three control setting that range from: Off, low to high. This baby spits out a whopping face melting 400 degrees celsius in low mode, to a hawing 540 degrees celsius in high, be warned the nozzle does get hot so do not touch or point this bad boy in the direct line of sight of you or anybody that might be around.

Wagner HT 1000




1. Very good price, one of the best priced Heat guns around.
2. Very light weight and sturdy.
3. Convenient hanging hook.
4. Corrosion resistant.
5. Low noised compared to other heat guns.
6. Produces very hot exhaust 400-540 degrees.
7. Two year warranty.

1. The user is unable to finely control heat settings,especially to lower the heat to lower temperatures.


Looking for a affordable and reliable heat gun, for that do it yourself project such as: desoldering, paint stripping,welding plastics,heat shrink tubing,thawing a frozen pipe, PVC pipe bending and much more then this is a great choice for you.

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