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Top 5 Smartphones of 2013

The smartest phones around

So you are in the market for a smartphone, but which should you get ?,do you follow the "hype" or are you level headed and you are playing it smart? Well here are the top five (5) smartphones that are the cream of the crop and are revolutionizing the market, each in there own field. Any of the following smartphone's would make a great addition, as a part of your life and day to day activities. For your convenience they are ranked in order of there features they bring to the table and the buzz they are causing in the smart phone market, although some might disagree, but here they are:


A oldy but still a goodie.
Last years flagship of Samsung's lineup, although a phone from last year this phone is still one of the best phones to own, if you are a smart shopper and you do not feel you need to be on the extreme "bleeding edge of technology" then this phone is just right for you. Especially if you were waiting for the crazy rush to end, you can swoop in and grab this bad-boy right now for a absolute  steal. The Samsung galaxy S3 has revolutionary features such as: S-Voice, which allows the user to speak commands and search quarries directly into the device, a vibrant 1280 x 720 pixel  4.8 super AMOLED screen and a 8 megapixel camera that will make your pics seems better than real life.This smart phone also features LED flash for taking pics in the dark and a dedicated speaker for paying your favorite jams that much louder. The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the Android OS atop of Samsung's renowned Touch Wiz interface that is not only sleek but totally intuitive. To boot the Samsung Galaxy S3 was voted as the best smart phone in the Mobile consumer awards of 2012.


Nokia Lumia 928

The Nokia Lumia 928 sports the windows phone 8 operating system and in a world now dominated by Android and IOS the Nokia Lumia attempts to set itself apart from the changing landscape of the mobile OS. The Lumia sports a 8.7 megapixel camera in a era where everyone is shooting for the 8 mega pixel sweet-spot or way higher, a 4.5 inch display and only weighs an amazing  5.7 ounces. The Nokia Lumia has one of the best camera to be found on a smart phone and combined with its flash, puts some standalone point and shoot cameras to shame.


Iphone 5

The Iphone needs no introduction and is one of the best smartphone to own today, love it or hate it. The iPhone 5 sports a uncharacteristically long 4.87 inch or 123.8 mm height and a width of 2.31 inch which gives it a unique and peculiar look when compared to its Android brethren who aimed for a larger screen real-estate,than longer body construction. Who says:"size doesn't matter?", well the guys at Apple thinks length will do the trick of wining you over. The screen features Apples beloved retina display,which can be found on their tablets and other devices. The back shooter is 8 megapixel isight camera, among other features that Apple has become renownedly known for.


HTC one 
"Beautifully elegant" is the only words to describe the HTC one and is by far one of the best smartphone that money can buy this year. This phone embodies beauty and technical engineering as expected from HTC and this phone could have easily been given the #1 place.  This smart phone features HTC Boom sound which gives audio playback some of the best sounding playback to be found on a mobile device, HTC Blink Feed allows HTC One users to keep up with the latest news feeds or their fancy, all without leaving the home screen.  The   touch screen is a super capacitive LCD3 display with the ability to display 16M colours and to boot the screen is full 1080p or full HD at only 4.7 inches. If there is a new smartphone to dethrone Samsung this year for phone of the year the HTC one is that contender.


A true life Companion the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung galaxy S4 is truly a life companion, from its intuitive interface that we have all come to love, to the powerful multi-tasking performance that comes from its power house, multiple core processor. The S4 features a Breathtaking Super AMOLED Capacitive touch screen with the ability to display 16 Million colors. The screen is full 1080p and is protected by Samsung's amazing Gorilla Glass 3. If you are accustomed to Samsung products then the touch wiz interface will makes using the device a seamless process. The rear camera is an amazing 13 MP and can take shots up to a 4128 x 3096 pixels. this beauty supports up to a 64 GB micro SD card that is different from the phones internal storage so there is no need to worry about running out of space for storing those important moments, that can also be shared at the tip of a hat.

OK that's it, phones don't get much smarter than this,for now and these are the top Smartphones money can buy right now. So which of these do you currently own or maybe you are planing to purchase?

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