Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Internet’s top ten (10) most popular websites.

Most popular websites
The World Wide Web

Ever wondered with the over 7 billion people on planet earth and the fact that we are living in an increasingly technological era, where does the majority of people who have an active internet connection spend their time online? Well we were wondering the same thing and took a dive into the statistics and found were the majority of the internet has their eyes glued to mostly on a daily basis.

Follow us as well look at the Internets most visited websites:


Hit’s Stats: Approximately 21,000 visitors per/min.

The world’s number one search engine.


Hit’s Stats: Approximately 16,300 visitors per/min.

World’s largest and most popular social network for keeping in contact with friends, relatives and sharing photographs.

Hit’s Stats: Approximately 11,600 visitors per/min
Offers a wide variety of content including search, email and much more.


Hit’s Stats: Approximately 10,500 visitors per/min.

The go to website for video content that growing at an alarming rate, with more video content than you can shake a stick at.

Hit’s Stats: Approximately 8,200 visitors per/min

Free online encyclopedia with information on a large variety of topics ideal for those who do lots of research.

A social networking website for those in professional circles.

Hit’s Stats: Approximately 5,800 visitors per/min

Needs no introduction the world’s most consumer centric company and online retail eCommerce giant.


Hit’s Stats: Approximately 4,900 visitors per/min.

Auction website for sale or resale of new or used items.


Hit’s Stats: Approximately 4,700 visitors per/min.

Instant messaging like social media website.


Run by Google is an online website dedicated to hosting blogs for free.

Now chances are you are guaranteed to know one or more  of these websites, so where do you find your self spending most of your down time online?

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