Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to permanently delete a file (Drive) Using CCleaner (No Chance of recovery Ever!)

Cost =$00

permanently delete file
Securely Delete Sensitive Files.

Things you will need:

Target drive or media to be wiped e.g. Flash drive, micro SD Card or a Hard Drive

Let’s Get Started

  1.      Download and install CCleaner from the link above and run the program.
  2.      Insert or connect the drive or flash drive to the computer.

  3.      Launch the program and Navigate the CCleaner interface to find the following setting:--- launch---then    go to tools tab-drive wipe option:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
 Under Wipe select : Entire drive
Next the most important step select from one of the following Wipe options

a. Simple overwrite (1 Pass)
  The program will do a simple overwrite of the data on the flash drive, this method is OK but data might still be recoverable.

b.Advanced Over Write(3 Pass)
Now we are talking this would be the best starting point.

c. Complex Over Write (7 Pass)
If You really have something to hide that you don't want recovered LOL!!

d. Very Complex over write (35 Pass)
For the guys wearing tin foil hats and hearing voices this will suit your needs quite fine.

     A word of caution each method will take some time and this will be greatly affected by the size of the drive (The larger the drive the greater the time), the number of passes (greater number of  passes will also take some time especially the "Very Complex Overwrite" for Mr. Tin Foil hat) and last the speed of your computer will also affect the speed of the  process.

     Next select the letter below that corresponds to your flash drives assigned letter or name. Be careful not to select the wrong drive as you do not want to wipe your "C" drive or another critical storage or support drive. 

     Once you have selected the drive to be wiped by selecting the check mark in the box next to it---Go ahead and select wipe. Then you should see the following screens:
Be shore to select the correct drive to wipe!!!

Do as you are Instructed.
      As a precaution you are asked to type "Erase" into the box so to check if you are positive, similar to windows asking if you are sure you want to delete something. Go ahead and do it and press OK. Go grab a smoothie or in some peoples case check back in a week and your drive should be wiped clean as a baby's bum . The files will be deleted forever. To test you may check out my blog post on how to recover a file that is deleted the normal way.

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