Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Use ColorZilla to blend Adsense Ads Perfectly

Did you know that there was a simple browser extension out there that can make matching and finding colors on a webpage very simple? this browser extension is know as: ColorZilla and is available for Chrome and Firefox.


 Install ColorZilla for Firefox or Google chrome. After instillation click the ColorZilla in browser icon and select page color picker and paste the color code into any application that accepts color codes that you want to customize such as adsense and much more.

How to use ColorZilla to customize Adsense New Ads?

To create a new adsense ad go to your adsense account and sign in after which:
1. Go to My Ads and select New Ad unit.
2. Under Ad style choose -use custom settings. 
You will now be able to change the look and feel of all your Ads, simply use ColorZilla to get the exact color of any aspect of your website-including your regular link color and Title color. Be sure to paste it in the appropriate area of adsense custom settings,remove the # and save when you are satisfied. Next implement the Adsense code on your website.

Your ads will now be better blended and look as a natural part of the website without you needing to guess the exact shade or color to use.

Benefits of Blending Adsense Ads with ColorZilla

The benefits of using ColorZilla to blend Ads include:
1. Perfectly blend Adsense to the look of your website.
2. Increase the CTR rate of ads.
3. Increased revenue.
4. Never guess what color that is again.

Lets hope you were able to improve the look of your website and make adsense look as natural as possible on your pages and increase your revenue, let me know what you think below in the comments.

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