Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Log into your D-link Router?

D-Link DIR-601 Wireless-N 150 Home Router

D-Link DIR-601 Wireless-N 150 Home Router

Have you ever wondered how to actually log into and interface with your D-link router? then you are in the correct place, we will teach you how to log into and take control of your router so that you can perform some advanced features that can only be done from within the routers control panel.

Which routers will this work on?

This will work on logging into D-link routers of any model, but this was tested on a: D-Link DIR-601 Wireless-N 150 Home Router. It should be noted that other router models use a same log-in or a variation of it.

What can I do after Log in?

You can do many things after logging in which includes: Changing the password to your wireless, block websites, see who is using your wireless or directly connected to the router, revoke access to those who are connected, pre-select devices that you want on the network according to MAC address, change default log in credentials and much more.

Log into your D-link Router

1. Make sure that you are connected to the wireless router either physically through Ethernet jack or wireless connection.
2. From a browser on your computer type in the following number in the address bar:
3. Hit go or enter on the keyboard.
4. You should see the following screen:
D-Link Router Log in
D-Link router Log in Screen
5. Leave the fields as is and password blank and select Log in and that's it.

Help I cannot Log in!!

1. I cannot see the log in screen above after entering the:
Solution: Make sure you are connected to the router and try using a simple browser such as the default that comes with your PC I suggest you use Internet explorer.

2. The default password of Admin and blank password is not being accepted to log me in.
The router might have been locked for some reason.
Solution: There is a reset button on the back of the router and it's labelled as such find it and get a thin item such as a paper clip and press it for about 30 seconds and the router will reset to its default, passwords and all and try logging in again. 

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