Monday, March 17, 2014

Disabling Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4

Disabling Easy Mode Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy S4 Easy Mode

If for some reason your Galaxy S4 is stuck in a strange mode with limited options and does not look the way the regular Galaxy S4 should look, then for some strange reason you have found yourself in Samsung's Easy Mode.

For one it's quite easy to get into and nearly impossible to get out of ,if you are not familiar with the Android user interface. What makes this mode annoying is that despite the fact that it's meant to help those who are new to Android not be too overwhelmed with the many user interface options, it can become a problem when you accidentally trigger the mode for some reason.

So if you are here for the above reason, lets get started in disabling this confounded thing and get you back to the good old Android interface with more options than you can sake a stick at, after all that why you bought a smart phone.

How to Disable Easy Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S4

From Easy Mode:

1. Starting at the home screen hit the menu button (That's the first button that lights up to the left of the physical home button) and a menu of options should pop right up.

2. From the menu select Easy Settings and from the new screen select More Settings.

3. You should now be in the full settings menu, take note to the tabs at the top of the screen which can be selected, select the second tab that says: My Device.

4. From the new menu look for: Home screen mode and select Standard mode.

5. Apply and select OK and presto chango you are done.

This also works for other versions of Android that are a part of the Samsung line of phones, this includes the Galaxy S3 as well that has a similar layout once it's running the latest Android update. You will find that this will work on any Samsung Galaxy S4 despite the carrier. The Android version that the Galaxy S4 was running during this tutorial was Android 4.3 and the instructions  should work on any Samsung Android, it's a simple matter of finding the Home screen mode in settings in case Android updates and changes it's location in the future.
Hope this Helps in fixing some lost soles Android device who found their way in easy mode by some mishap and remember to leave a comment if you found this useful you may help someone solve their issue by showing it works.


  1. Thanks a million! This thing was so annoying!

    1. So glad that I was able to help, its a really annoying issue when you are wondering why your Samsung Galaxy 4 does not look like the normal S4 interface.

  2. Thank you, you saved my day

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!...for showing me the way out of Easy Mode. I thought I was going to have to live there forever.

  4. i need help.. home screen is no longer appearing

    1. What do you mean, nothing in the instruction should cause this. Worst case senario the phone can be reset easily.


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