Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Delete Your Facebook Profile in a few easy steps.

Delete Facebook account
When you just can't find the Delete button.

So you have finally decided to pull the cord and delete your Facebook profile for whatever reason, easier said than done right? Well for most users this is a big issue as they try to say goodbye to their once beloved Facebook profile. So what do you do when the Facebook delete button is no where to be found? read on as we make the process as easy as A,B,C.

How to delete your Facebook Profile!!

Delete Facebook account

OK so follow the following simple steps to achieve what would consider social suicide in a manner of speaking:
NOTE the following Method will Erase Your Presence on Facebook.

1. Log into your Facebook account and stay signed in and then return to this article. 

2. Follow the following link: 
and follow the steps as shown below:

3. You should see the following message through the link above:

Delete Facebook account
Since you are logged in simply select: Delete My Account
4. Select Delete My Account.
5. You will now be presented with the following screen:

Delete Facebook account
Complete the Form and select Okay
6. Enter your password and the unique security check as seen on your screen and select okay, if you did everything correctly your account will now be deleted. 

What does this Mean for my Profile?

Right away all persons who have befriended you on Facebook will notice your account does not exist any longer and all your uploaded pictures will be removed, if not right away it might take a little time but eventually they all will disappear. So that's all you pictures and messages including those pinned to your friends profiles.
 So should some one search for you using Facebook search they will not find a thing as your profile is deleted. 

What if i change My mind?

Facebook has realized this and has automatically given you fourteen (14) days grace period during which if you so choose you may log back into your account and reactivate it. However if the fourteen days expires the account will be deleted forever. 

OK that's it everyone hope this works for you and has made your transition a little smoother as you have decided to pull the plug on Facebook.

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