Sunday, October 6, 2013

Future Technology that will dominate in the Years to come but are in the awkward baby phase now.

Have you looked back lately and marveled at the pace at which technology has evolved, what once was a dream or basically science fiction has now become science facts and is part of our everyday life to a scale that has made life on this planet basically impossible without these modern day conveniences.
The future of technology
Are you ready for the next wave of Advancements?

Well for today we have taken the liberty to look at key pieces of technology that have long been the staples of science fiction that are for the most part in development and will be soon available to the general public and we all will look back someday and wonder how on earth did we ever live without these conveniences.

1. Google Glass and Augmented reality.

The future of technology
Augmented Reality

Imagine living in a world where every street corner and Halley way is labeled for your convenience and getting turn by turn directions is as simple as a thought. Were social networking and real world interactions are one in the same, well you have just peeked into the world of tomorrow that's right around the corner as envisioned by Google.
The future of technology
Google Glass

This will all be made possible through augmented reality and the use of Google Glass. Mark you the glasses themselves might seem a little gimmicky right now but this is clearly a concept that lights years ahead of what the completion is bringing to the table and with time the tech will only get smaller and smaller as this tech is embedded in regular glasses and contact lens, as soon as the circuitry is shrunk to the desired level.

2. Virtual Reality

The future of technology
Virtual Reality

Forget overlaying 2D and 3D rendering over real world objects for a minute with Augmented reality, it will soon be totally possible to submerse the human consciousness into a virtual construct of our own making or choosing that will do wonders for military simulations and training and of course video games. It will soon be totally possible to create or recreate and relive a past event over and over and allow those who were not even there to view the event experience it in full submersion virtual reality.
For now however we are stuck with the head gear that makes us look like old school Robocop with a bad migraine but this makes you wonder the possibilities.

BW Mobile Theatre Video Glasses - Movies on 52 Inch Virtual Screen

Possibilities such a virtual large Screen TV set that can be taken any where and be for your own personal viewing pleasure.

3. Full Gesture control.

We all are dying for the day when we see full gesture control integration into every major device that just know what you want to do with a simple flick of the wrist, much like the leap motion innovation or the kinect sensor that can be found on the Xbox or some smart TV systems. Now imagine this gesture control built into your computer and tablets and see the mouse being replaced by your hand as the ultimate input device.
The future of technology
Leap motion Gesture control

4.Self Driving Cars

The future of technology
Google Self Driving Cars

Does the idea of a self-driving car make you a little uneasy? Or maybe you are warming up to the idea gradually? Well love it or hate it they will be here sooner or later and Google is again ahead of the curve with one of the greatest ideas that as long fascinated us, what if my car could chauffeur me around without a driver and do this day in and out, 365 days of the year. By removing human error from the equation this has the potential not only to reduced accidents but also allow for a more efficient traffic system and even greater speeds of travel with higher levels of efficiency.

5. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

The future of technology
Human Like A.I.

No one hates repetitive mundane task as much as I do and with the advent of Military unmanned drones and human like robots such as ASIMO the war is on to crack the code behind human intelligence and create a full autonomous robot that is able to act, think and make creative decision as a human would. This has the potential to eliminate some of the more re-putative task we find so boring in everyday life. 
Let's hope we will not outsource all the tasks to the machines when we get to that plateau in A.I. technology.

6. Holograms

The future of technology
Realistic 3D Holographic projections

How fun would it be to be in a presentations and be presented with a 3D model of the object or product that you are demoing or be able to watch a movie live in your living room where the characters are not limited to the 2D dimensions of the TV screen, but had free roam to move about and interact with the audience.
Also to telephone call someone would be that much closer to seeing the person in real life.

7. Super thin screens that fit everywhere

The future of technology
OLed Smart TV Sets

How thin can a TV set be? well OLed technology is really making the world wonder as they push the envelope on thinness but the most amazing thing is that these screens can also be flexible which makes them ideal for spanning walls and making for display units that fits on a versatile number of surfaces and generate virtually anything the end users wishes such as advertisements and the works in a public space and this could have many more applications.
The future of technology
Paper thin Pocket books anyone?
The first OLed TV sets are just now making their appearance, once such unit is the: Samsung KN55S9C Curved Panel Smart 3D OLED HDTV and these units are not for the average consumer as they cost allot right now but if you can afford it you will have a front row seat to the future of display technology.

 Samsung KN55S9C Curved Panel Smart 3D OLED HDTV 

8. Advance Virtual assistants similar to Siri

The future of technology

We all have thought about it, getting a personal maid or butler who would bend to our every whim. Now unless you are a Sultan of Dubai or Tony Stark that is not going to happen. However with the advent of personal A.I virtual assistants such as Siri making their appearance it becoming quite the rage for major phone Operating systems to integrate and improve on Virtual assistant systems. So how long until these assistants become as efficient as a humans in understanding human speech and fulfilling our whims and wishes?

9. Robots and unmanned systems.

The future of technology

They may seem like toys however drones and other robotic systems are no joke; after all they are being used by the military to execute very sensitive missions and with very precise levels of accuracy.

Let's all face it the human body has its limitations and with Robots there is no such limitation and the potential to save human life is amazing; especially in the theater of war, were human casualties on the battlefield can be greatly reduced with the use of robots.
In the long term if they break down unlike a human a few parts changes and they are good as new once more. Over time robotic technology and its role in human life will only increase, take it from me, as soon as the information age is complete it will be the dawn of the Robotic age.

10. Flying or Hover Cars.

The future of technology

Start saving now or trade in that old automotive and get a brand spanking new car that hovers through the air like an aircraft. One of the biggest anticipations in the field of motor vehicles next to the self-driving car which is just around the corner is the car that can fly through the air. Think what this will do for congestion in the big city and everyday commuting to and from work. Bring it on I say.

11. Organic computers

Yes you heard me Organic computers, scientists are working on bridging the divide between man and machine or in other words creating a hybrid of both which could have profound impacts on learning and all aspects of human and computer engineering. Imagine being able to store data on an organic based storage medium that had a theoretical infinite capacity or the equivalent of the human mind to learn in terms of storage.
Man meets Machine

12. Bionic Body parts and Lab grown Organs

The future of technology
Robotic Prosthetic

Bionic technology could be the missing link in correcting some of the most disabling miss hap that have befallen human -such as the loss of a hand or leg. With the use of bionic body parts in the future we will be able to restore mobility to the crippled and other who have lost the use of varying body parts.

Also with the development in Human tissue culture scientists could be able to grow to specifications different human organs for transplant so no more waiting for a downer that's compatible to be available. The specific organ will be able to be grown in lab in fixed period of time for transplant.

13. Indestructible materials with self-healing capability

The future of technology

Imagine having a phone that after receiving it new from the store would naturally heal itself of scuffs and scratches that it picked up over time. Or better yet is made of a nondestructive polymer that does not scratch or break.
Current Gorilla Glass is a step in the right direction but is not there yet and still needs that healing touch, but with every version they are getting that much closer to that super material that will not wear away and keep our gadgets looking as good as the day we bought them without a case.
The future of technology
Current tech breaks way too easily

14. Nanites or Nano Technology.

The future of technology
Microscopic Robots

With the use of Nano Bots or microscopic robots, doctors and scientist would be able to explore and fix problems on a molecular level or even before they become a threat with small robots that could be introduced into the human body.
Imagine Nanites that could similar to the human Immune system be created that target specific harmful cells such as cancer cells and destroy them or deliver medicines to the exact site of an injury or infection.

15. Self-Generating power cells or Batteries.

The future of technology
Much like the Ark reactor from Iron Man

I can't wait to see the day that someone comes up with a alternative source of power from the battery that is self-generating and does not need to charge or be replaced. Imagine what this would do for Smart phones and other electronic devices that depend on power cells or batteries.
This would basically revolutionize the Technology industry and usher in a new era of smart devices that would not be limited by power constraints of a battery.


  1. I think Google glasses and virtual assistant very interested to help personal biz or self employer trend to improve their business anywhere.

    Thank for your great share Prickly.

    1. No problem Voot, Glad to share -There is some very Interesting Tech in the work for the future and they have massive potential to revolutionize the way we live and solve some major problems we are having now. For now they are in there infancy and they will only get better with time.


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