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The Top 10 Best selling Tablets that you should be dying to get your hands on.

The Best Selling Tablets on the Market right Now.

If you are a lover of tech or if you are just in the market for a new tablet that will be the best thing that money can get you right now and give you the best bang for your buck then do not worry you have come to the right place. Follow us as we look at the: Top Ten (10) Tablets that are the best sellers for there categories and have shipped more units than you can shake a proverbial stick at. So follow us as we identify the best of the best:-

The Best Tablets Money Can Buy

1. The Nexus 7 FDH (AKA) Nexus 7 Two

Nexus 7 FDH

 This is the successor to the best selling Nexus 7 (first edition), the Nexus 7 two is back with a vengeance with all around specs improvement in all categories. Asus has listened to the suggestions of the users on the short falls of the almost perfect first edition Nexus 7 and have rebounded to create one of the most talked about and searched devices on Google, the Nexus 7 FDH. Not only is the Nexus 7 Two powerful it is also a humble device coming in at a price point just above $200 which is very good considering what you get for the price.

You can see our Full review here.

To purchase you can get it here at the best prices.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung glaxy Tab 2 is a very lightweight and portable little device that makes for the perfect travel companion. It fits just about any where you can think to place it on your person. To boot the performance to price ratio is perfect right now due to New releases from Samsung, but do not let the fact that this is no longer the latest edition dieter you as this device still gives newer 7 inch tablets a true run for there money.

3. Amazons Kindle Fire HD 7 inch.

Amazon  Kindle Fire HD

Love it or hate it the kindle fire is one of the best selling tablets that money can buy as Amazon knows how to sell stuff and they are hands down the number one retailer online and offline. So was there ever a doubt that they are experts at deciding what you need and how to give it to you?
Amazon has chosen to fit the Kindle Fire HD with a 1280 x 800 HD screen that not only stuning but features Anti-Glare tech and a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor with integrated 3D graphics capability.The device is also backed by Amazon renowned service to provide a tone of video content and Apps that's all tied into the Amazon Eco system. To boot the device which as been reported in the past to be selling at a personal loss to Amazon due to what you pay, compared to the hardware you get at a very reasonable price point. You can smile knowing you are getting a very good purchase with this device.

For ordering or more Info on this device feel free to swing over to Amazon here.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7 Inch)

Samsung Tab 3
The beloved successor to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, if you are familiar withe Galaxy Tab 2 then you are going to love the third installment that way sleeker and better looking. The Galaxy Tab 3 seven (7)  inch improves on Samsung's great work with the Tab 2 and brings it home with the tab 3.
The Tab 3 seven inch comes with a 1.2 GHZ dual core processor with 1 gigs of RAM. The device is fitted with two cameras: one front and the other a rear facing 3 MP camera, with built in microphone and memory card reader to extend the devices memory capacity. The device is also light weight and highly portable and a great device aesthetically.

5. Asus MeMo Pad (7 inch) 


Who says that a tablet that sub. $100 has to be total crap? well Asus has not gotten the memo and have created what is Arguably one the best entry level tablets that you can get for a value today. The device is not only a best seller but also provides pretty descent performance for what you do pay for. 
The Asus MeMo Pad features 1 gig of DDR 3 RAM and is fitted with a 1 GHZ ARM Cortex A9 dual core processor and comes with 16 gigs of internal memory for storing your favorite Android Apps and pics. If you are looking for a top selling value tablet you are found it in the Asus Memo Pad.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1 inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung keeps turning out hit after hit, and there line of 10 inch tablets is the best in the 10 inch market next to apple they are the top dealers in Tablets. So if you have a issue selecting a tablet then the likely hood of you selecting a Samsung is pretty high, Samsung has made sure of that by offering as much variants of there best selling tablets as possible to make sure they are meeting all there customers needs. 
The Tab 3 is result of Samsung's long standing work to make the perfect device and they are quite close minus a few minor things. For what you do get however Samsung has made sure that the device has all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from a top tier tablet such as: a 1.6 Ghz intel Atom processor from intel coupled with 1 gig of DDR 2 -RAM.  The device weighs in at 1.1 pound and features a 3 MP rear facing point and shoot cam. The display is 1280 x 800 resolution screen for great HD video playback.

7. The Samsung Tab 2 (10.1 inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Loving the 10 inch tabs and not into the hot 7 inch versions then rest assure Samsung has all there bases covered with the Samsung Tab 2. The Tab 2 comes loaded with 1 gig of RAM which is more than adequate for your gaming and daily tasks, weighing 1.28 pounds out of the box the device feels natural in the hands and unless you are coming from a 7 inch tablet you should not realize or mind the weight which is standard for the 10 inch devices for this category. So if a 10 inch device is what you seek check out one of Samsung best sellers here and be sure to check out the bundled deal for better value which comes with Keyboard and desktop dock.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8 inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 

The Exact 7 inch form factor not floating your boat? how about checking the 8 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that gives you a extra inch just to give your tablet that unique look that will set it apart from the crowd. Well Samsung must have been thinking the same thing as they have created the Galaxy Tab 8 Inch which comes with Jelly bean 4.2 right out of the box and under the hood you will find the heart of the device a 1.5 Ghz dual core Exynos 4210 processor and weighing in at very light 10.8 ounces. The device also packs a 1.5 GB of RAM for buttery smooth Multitasking on Android Jellybean.

9. Ipad Mini

Apple Ipad Mini MD528LLA/A
The Mini Tablet war is on between all carriers as the new 7 inch tablets are currently the hottest sellers around, not wanting to miss out on the action Apple has stepped up to the table with the iPad Mini. The iPad mini like its bigger Brother the Ipad With Retina display comes in both white and black respectively, you may also opt to get this in 16,32 or 64 gigs versions, bear in mind that the larger capacities will cost you some extra dough.  The Mini is fitted with a 7.9 inch LED based Multitouch screen which has a resolution of 1024 x 768 resolution which is excellent for portable HD video playback for that long Train or bus ride. The device is one of the best selling devices you could think of spending your hard earned coin on and a sure crowd please and a best seller in the 7 inch category.

10. IPad With Retina Display

Apple iPad with Retina Display MD510LL/A
Apple is no stranger when it comes to creating devices that are meant to appeal to the users both visually and functionally,if you don't mind paying a premium for the extra quality as with all Apple products the iPad with Retina display is for you. The ipad comes with a optional 16 to a whopping 128 GB of internal storage depending on your storage needs in Wifi and different GSM variants for carriers such as AT&T and Version. The devices comes in two colors depending on your personal preference of white and black. The most stunning thing about this  iPad is the 9.7 inch Retina Display that features a eye popping 2048 x 1536 resolution screen.  The device comes fitted with a 5 MP isight cam that is capable of shooting full HD video and pictures and do not worry about the Mega Pixel count of the camera as Apple as long known that mega pixels are not the only factor for stunning pictures or video and this device drivers that idea way home.

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