Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top Security Features that's Turned OFF in AVG 2013 and Should be Enabled Now! for your security.

AVG Antivirus & Internet Security is one of the most comprehensive suits on the Internet to protect end users from viruses and the nastiest of the Nasties on the big bad internet, however from time to time I have come to realize that two (2) of its most critical features are disabled by default or have to be enabled.So here they are:

Enable Flash Drive  or Removable Device Scanning

This will tell AVG to scan all flash, pen or junk drives that are inserted into your computer and remove any threats found, you might have thought that AVG does this by default, think again. This setting is very important to enable because allot of the computers that are infected by viruses spread through removable media such as flash drives.

To do this :

1. From the home screen of AVG go to Options in the Upper left hand corner.

computer security
AVG 2013 Home Screen

2. Select Advanced Settings.
3. Click on the drop down for Scans and select Removable device.
5. Then Enable removable devices scan by checking the Check box beside it.
6. Also check the box that says: Heal/ Remove virus infections ..
7. Apply the changes.

Click to see larger version

Enable a schedule for Scanning

For convenience and not slowing down slower computers AVG seems to have decided not to enable the schedule scanning of your computer at regular intervals. This must be launched manually by default, its important to enable this setting because viruses that may have infiltrated your computer will go unnoticed when AVG updates and never scans the entire system. To set a automatic routine:

1. From the home screen of AVG go to Options in the Upper left hand corner.
2. Select Advanced Settings.
3. Hit the drop down or plus beside Schedule.
4. Select: Schedule Scan.
5. Check the box that says: Enable this task.
6. Then simply choose: Run at specific times and select the days you want the scan to run along with the time and apply.
7. Apply the changes.

computer security
Click to see larger version

Useful Links

If you haven't gotten it yet you may download AVG at the following locations:

Free Edition 2013

AVG Antivirus

Internet Security 2013

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