Monday, July 29, 2013

New Must See Killer Action Packed Movies Summer 2013

The summer Heat is on and no one likes to waste there time watching a trailer that has them drooling one second and kicking off the door to snag a copy from their local retailer. Only to spend the next hour and a half or so resenting the day they decided to see this movie. In Respect to those persons who Do not have the time of day to waste and Want to see the top kick ass, sizzling movies of the summer, that will knock you out of your seats, slap you silly and have the neighbors call the cops thinking you Just started world war three in your living room. So here they are readers, the best of the best for summer 2013:

Fast 6

The fast and the furious needs no introduction and is one of the longest running squeals, with all of five (5) installments under its belt, this series is infamous for kicking ass and taking names and this the 6th movie doesn't disappoint one bit. Fast six can only be described as all the past five movies rolled into one on cocaine (forgive the drug reference) and with a shot of Nitrous oxide to top it all off .Fast 6 is hands down the number one must see movie of the summer that's heading to DVD.
In Fast and Furious 6 the old team is back together, as this time they team up with the Cops to take down a even "badder-baddy" than seen in previous entries in this series that is just as slick and skilled as Dom and the team.

Stark is back!
Robert Downey Jr. is back as everyone's favorite narcissistic, playboy, inventor and genus superhero: Tony Stark, the modern day Da Vinci. In This latest installment Tony's genius and intellect is put fully to the test as he has to face off against the assume power of the mandarin. All is not as it seems as the plot unfolds and tony is faced with never before seen odds and enemies that push is mental and physical strength to its limits.

Star Trek
Trekkie's will agree that this is by far the best of the new renditions of Star Trek installment in this series so far. Join spock and captain kirk as they face off against what is arguably one of the greatest races or foes to be found in the star trek universe: Khan. See as lines are blurred between friends and foes in this exciting and exhilarating adventure that will keep you entertained for the entirety of the voyage.

Man of steel

The last son of Krypton is back on the big screen after is big Haidas into retirement, this movie is a true treat for fans of  Superman movies. In this movie Kal-El (Superman) goes up against the might of the remnants Kryptons army, led by the man himself: General Zod. This movie is a must see for the summer.

Pacific Rim

Giant Mechs-check,Monster from another dimension-Check and finally draw dropping special effects -all check, its finally here for the Anime and manga lovers out there a true homage to the truth we have all known for so long. The Japanese know how to write a excellent story, this movie does not disappoint on that premise as creatures from another dimension are attacking earth and its up to earths special forces to drive them back in style using giant mechs.

Oblivion can only be described as a mind blowing epic featuring the likes of Morgan freeman and Tom Cruise. In this movie viewers are thrust into the future where mankind as all bout abandoned earth after facing off against a alien invasion that threatened to destroy humanity, it seems mankind has triumphed as they harvest the remainder of earth resource from a battered planet left in the aftermath of the war.The survivors ultimate plan is to gather resources from earth before venturing into space, are things as simple as they seem or is there is a greater mystery to unravel?

World War z

The world war to end all world wars and a unique twist on the human Zombie stereotype, so if you thought Hollywood has all but exhausted the zombie franchise think again as this epic will rewrite what you thought was possible in this field.

Olympus has fallen

Chaos in the white house seems to be the Big Inn thing now as Hollywood is having a field day with the concept. The white house is under attack and the president is held hostage, this time help must come not from the secrets service, but from: Banning a man formerly in charged of directly guarding the president, now disgraced and stripped of his former title. Will this once highly decorated agent be able to fulfill his duties considering the situation that lead to his disgrace.

White House Down

Another White house staple,I promise this is the last one. Similar to "Olympus Has Fallen" this movie places the hero role in the hands of the most unlikely of persons: John Cale a prospective secret service agent who is denied entry into the service, but gets caught in a the chaos of the white house being taken over by a extremist regime bent on taking over. Cale must save the president or die trying.

After earth

This movie can only be describe as being one of the more promising movies of the summer and falls a little short of movie goers expectation, as the character and the plot could have been developed more before the some what anticlimactic ending. But for what this movie did right, this movie earns a place in my top action packed movies of summer 2013.
 The Story is largely based around kitai and his father who are ultimately marooned on a hostile planet that is inhabited by creatures that are evolved to kill humans, the strange thing is this planet is Earth.

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