Friday, July 5, 2013

Fixing HDMI Problem blurry and out of focus Monitor

Fixing HDMI Problem On a Blurry and Out of Focus Monitor

fix blurry monitor
The Picture on the monitor itself will seem blurred and bleached out and out of focus (Hard to show in Pics).

Today's fix is a classic and was one of my first major videos on YouTube that I created to solve a serious issue that I had found. When my monitor was connected by HDMI I noticed the screen was all blurry and out of the range of the monitor, while when on VGA it was beautiful. Stumped by the issue I was at it all night much to the amusement of my girlfriend at the time. I finally solved it and was beside my self with joy. I later had a crazy notion to do a video on it on YouTube, little unbeknownst to me at the time that this video would be a hit, in its own right. I made the video and soon checked my inbox and I was getting thank you's from all over the world. The first version was done a few years ago and the second refreshed version much recently, here are both videos and the written version for those who might be having the same Issue.
 PS. I am still getting hits and thank yous' from the video:

How to Fix:

1. From your Samsung remote, Hit the  "menu" button.

2. Select Input and hit "Enter" on the remote.

3.Select the HDMI on which your device is connected, in most cases this will be HDMI 1.

4. Edit Name: in my case HDMI 1 is shown as being a TV but my gaming PC is connected. Switch this to the appropriate device that's connected.

5. Select PC and the screen should flicker, the monitor should now be focused and the blurry and bleached out look will be gown.

First Version of the Video I did (A Classic)

Samsung SyncMaster 233HD- HDMI Video Problems 

The Refreshed Version A few Years After:

Fixing HDMI Problem blurry and out of focus Monitor

Thats it fellow bloggers I hope this video has helped you as well, even in blog form. Remember this fix not only applies to this monitor brand and model but to several different models, as can be seen from the testimonials in the comments on YouTube.  To see those comments click on the video titles for a direct link and remember leave a comment or question here and I will be sure to get back to you,peace and love.

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